Green Century Resources, LLC is a Midland, Texas based Next Generation oil & gas exploration, production and technology group. Our drilling and development subsidiary is Green Century Exploration & Production, LLC. We are currently focused on oil development in the Permian Basin, the largest land-based oil producing region in the lower 48 states.  Our goal is to become a major independent oil & gas company.  Our core values include innovation, honest dealings, technical and environmental leadership, and excellence in all we do.  We’re committed to maximizing oil recovery, minimizing environmental impact, generating high returns on invested capital, and creating better value for mineral and surface owners and for investors and vendors.  Give us the opportunity to demonstrate how we’re different.  Call in confidence: +1 (432) 687-2777.

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Oil & Gas News

Study: Earth was warmer in Roman, Medieval times

Japan Prime Minister to Ask Obama for Shale Exports as Japan’s Gas Bill Soars

ExxonMobil sees gas displacing coal as world’s No. 2 energy source

Recycling Locations In the U.S.–Green Century Resources Encourages More Efficient Utilization of our Resources

Proclamation of National Thanksgiving – George Washington, 1789

Cuomo’s Fracking Dilemma Poses Political Risk Beyond New York

U.S. Natural Gas Resources Bigger Than Estimated, Analyst Says

Limited Room for Decline in Brent Oil Price in 2012

National Poll: Americans Believe Energy Independence No Longer a Pipe Dream

VIDEO: Exclusive interview with Newt Gingrich, Scott Noble and Hart Energy senior editor Steve Toon

Sixteen Top Scientists Speak Out: “There’s no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy.”

Wall Street Journal Opinion: The Global Warming Hoax (video)

Huge North Dakota Bakken Oil Resources Will Play Key Role in American Energy Independence (Video Clip).

RECENT REPORT: U.S. Can Double Oil Production and Add 50% to Natural Gas Production by 2030

Glut Hits Natural-Gas Prices

The EPA’s Fracking Scare

Texas Railroad Commission Adopts Fracturing Fluids Disclosure Rule

Unprecedented Boom Has Jobs Looking for People in North Dakota

One of Many Serious Technology Initiatives to Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Productive Energy

The Non-Green Jobs Boom

BHP Expects U.S. Shale Gas Production to Quadruple by 2020

NYT: A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search

The National Ocean Industries Association finds proposed 2012-2017 OCS leasing plan “deeply disappointing”

Study: Fracking Does Not Contaminate Groundwater

Fracing Regs Coming from the Federal Government… Another Burden to U.S. Competitiveness, Economic Growth and Energy Security and Indenpendence

The Arctic Holds a Quarter of the World’s Undiscovered Hydrocarbons, According to Geologists’ Estimates

American Energy Development Can Stimulate U.S. Economic Prosperity and Job Creation!

Energy Will Drive U.S. Economic Recovery

World Oil Production Will Grow, According to Oil & Gas Legend Daniel Yergin

NEW REPORT: Navigating a Fractured Future–Insights into the Future of the North American Natural Gas Market

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